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Rail Spike

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  • Product Manual:our factory manufacture all kinds of track spikes,dog spikes and others

We produce and supply rail spike, track spike in accordance to AREA, DIN, GOST and GB/TB standards. The specifications are as follows:

Rail spike, track spike produced according to AREA 14
Tensile strength reaches 55000PSI
Can be bended to 180 degrees without cracks
A wide range of sizes are available, including 1/2" square, 9/16" square, 5/8"(16mm) square and 11/16" square. The length varies from 5-1/2" to7" and can be designed according to the specifications of our customers.

We produce rail spike, track spike for BS 80 lbs, 75 lbs and 90 lbs rails. In addition to our normal production, their shapes and dimensions can be produced and designed in accordance to our clients' special requirements.
We produce and supply AS1085.8 tack spikes with round and square shanks. Rail spike, track spikes of 16mm square, 19mm square and 22mm square are available.

We also produce round shank track spike according to AS1085 for Australia. Available sizes are: Dia. 16mm, Dia.19mm and Dia.22mm.

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