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Rail Gauge Tie Rod

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Track gauge tie rod is to connect two rails with one bar at the bottom of the rail to improve the lateral stability of the rail and the ability of maintaining track gauge.Some lines have track circuits which are separated by insulated parts in the track gauge tie rod.

Component Qty Material
Chunk 4 QT-450-10
Washer 4 Q235
Spring washer 4 Spring Steel
Gauge 1 Steel
Nut 4 Q235

Our factory produce below rail gauge tie rod:

18 x 870 ,20 x 870,22 x 880,22 x 1050,24 x 1050,24 x 1250 ,28 x 1810,28 x 1850,32 x 1810,32 x 1850,36 x 1850

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