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LT Factory Rail Fastener

Linzhou Public Service Railway Equipment Co.,Ltd(LT Factory) is a designer, producer and exporter of cost-saving resilient rail fastening systems for various types of track lines and traffic conditions.we supply safe and reliable Rail Fasteners with high tensioning force and creep resistance to effectively protect the rail against tilting. The fastening system range includes both those for ballasted and slab tracks under various conditions, from heavy haul to subway to high speed rails as well as urban rail lines.

Building on over 44 years’ experience and solutions for global end users, our fasteners are widely used to ensure the rail track maintaining same properties all the time, especially the tension clamps with super dynamic fatigue strength and holding force to guarantee the safe operation of the rails even under special conditions, which lower the maintenance cost and frequency for the end users.

Quality Control of  Rail Fastener

Each item of Rail Fastener we produce will be strictly tested and inspected in the whole manufacturing process, from raw material purchase to the completed product, to ensure their qualification and safety in usage.

Quality Control Process:
  • Raw material testing
  • First product manufactured inspection
  • Inspection during production
  • Inspection to finished products

Quality testing items:

  • Chemical composition
  • Physical properties: 1. Tensile strength, yield strength and elongation 2. Bending 3. Hardness 4. Metallographic analysis
  • Impact inspection
  • Anti-corrosion property testing
  • Dimensional and appearance quality

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