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What's the rail tie plate?

What's the Rail Tie Plate?

Rail Tie Plate,also called rail base one of the important parts in the track structure and plays an important role in the damping of the Rail Fastener system.With the development of heavy-haul railway transportation, axle load is increasing day by day. While the rail is gradually becoming heavier, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of the tie plate, so as to obtain good vibration damping performance, impact resistance and long service life of the tie plate.

LT Rail Fastener factory have more than seven hundreds of tie Rail Tie Plate moulds,and supply to all over the world railway department. with good quality and low price.

The producement of the Rail Tie Plate as follows:

The railway cast iron tie plate is produced by the vanishing mold method and smelted in 60kg intermediate frequency electric furnace. The vacuum degree during pouring is kept at 0.03mpa and the pouring temperature is 1580℃.Its chemical composition W was 0.46%C,0.23%Si,0.59%Mn,0.015%S and 0.024%P.After the casting is packed, it is cleaned by shot peening and then annealed.The heat treatment process is as follows: heating temperature 850℃;The holding time was 2h and cooled with the furnace to room temperature (12h in total).

LT Rail Fastener factory  Is an ISO 9001/2008 certified company.All processes are in accordance with the requirement  of ISO quality management system. From orignal material supplier quality control to finished products, we operate in accordance with standard procedures. We have a strict quality control system for  producing.

1, For the inspection and testing of raw materials, we require the supplier to provide the production batch number, chemical composition, mechanical properties and other testing indicators.

2. During the testing process, our quality control inspectors take the means of sample sampling and batch testing and provide material material certificate for control.

3. According to the different requirements of the products, we make corresponding physical and chemical tests and inspections.If the results do not meet our requirements, we will refuse to accept, only if the material meets our standards.

4. For semi-finished products and their outsourcing manufacturers, we often organize quality control coordination meetings, and provide technical support and guidance.Guarantee the delivery of qualified products to our customers before shipment.

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